• Connecticuts only Low Temperature Thermal Desorber
PHOENIX SOIL, LLC a Clean Earth Company
58 North Washington Street
Plainville, CT  06062


Phoenix Soil, LLC (PSLLC) has operated a low temperature thermal desorption manufacturing facility in Connecticut since 1993.  PSLLC enclosed all of its active facility inside a negative air controlled building In order to develop a facility which was better than the listed standard of  "state-of-the-art". The environmentally secure, thermal treatment facility insures that  fugitive dusts and odors are kept within the facility and cannot escape to the outside environment.

In Waterbury PSLLC has treated all kinds of hydrocarbons including gasoline, fuel oils, MGP site residuals, non-TSCA PCB's and petroleum solvents.  Based upon our compliance and stack testing  history as well as our valuable experience treating over the past twenty years, the permits issued to our Plainville site  allow acceptance and treatment of virtually any non-hazardous non-TSCA contaminant amenable to thermal desorption technology.


PSLLC is the first treatment facility to obtain a Connecticut DEEP Beneficial Use Determination Permit enabling us to use our treated soil as clean fill throughout Connecticut.  PSLLC treated soil is below the Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations for GA pollutant mobility criteria and Residential Direct Exposure Criteria.  Psllc is the first totally green facility bringing Connecticuts' valuable resources back to full use.


PSLLC's  new facility is at 58 North Washington Street in Plainville Connecticut. This newly purchased and fully permitted facility will once again contain all of the the active treatment and storage within a negative controlled 58,000 sq. ft. building.  The 16.5 acres site will ensure plenty of room for growth in the future.  The site is easy accessible by taking Exit 33 off I-84 to Route 77 and then left off Exit 1.  This central location will cut down on the transportation carbon footprint within our state.


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